Can someone please explain to me the logic behind looting and rioting in a city where there is already such a divide? I’m not going to try to throw a bunch of statistics at you, I can’t begin to understand all of that.

I just can’t wrap my head around why you would steal from your neighboors, burn down a place of business which will put even MORE people out of work, and force the closing of schools. I read a post earlier this morning that highlighted the fact that some students only get a full meal while at school, why would you rob children of a safe place that fully cares for them?!

I realize that sometimes you need an explosion to get people’s attention, thats why people love fireworks so much. But think about it, those are carefully controlled by firefighters, police officers, and pyrotechnicians who only have the public’s safety in mind. When people take matters into their own hands is when someone gets hurt.

I don’t live in Baltimore, I have visited a few times, and each time has been a delight. I can’t begin to imagine what the people there are feeling, living through, or praying for. There are too many agendas flying around. My hope is that peace comes quickly, and that the city begins to rebuild itself – Lord knows there are far worse things happening in the world, we’re just too caught up in our own crap to see the big picture.

ALL lives matter. Where is Batman when you need him….

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