Gym Time…. a PSA

The gym is located directly below my apartment…

Literally… right below. This is my building.


This is the gym.


Yes, nestled directly between an Edible Arrangements storefront (who sells smoothies and parfaits too!) and the Pizza Hut. How’s your will power? I’m on the second floor, on the back side of the complex.

Which means, I’m situated perfectly over top of the free weights…. Every clank of machine weight, and every drop of a dumbbell… I HEAR. And its not like they’re holding crossfit competitions down there, its a very small space. 4 treadmills, 4 bikes, maybe 2 ellipticals, machines placed at odd angles in open spaces, and a weight rack against the wall.

So… to all the men hogging the benches and throwing the dumbbells after each set…. if you can’t put them down in a controlled fashion…. THEY’RE TOO HEAVY FOR YOU BRO.


This has been a public service announcement. Please return to your regularly scheduled events…. and don’t be a tool at the gym.

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