Monthly Beauty Subscription: The Reveal

My Vanity....
My Vanity….

I love a good deal!

Now…. I have been a loyal subscriber of Birchbox for a little over 3 years. I found it in a Cosmopolitan magazine while relaxing on my couch when living in Richmond. I thought…. “how cool! I always buy the same makeup because I don’t want to pay full price and not like a product”.

$10 bucks a month?! pshhhhttt thats Chump Change! I was on board immediately. So, every month for the past 36+ months, I’ve received this cute little pink shipping box with goodies inside. I know there are plenty of companies who have jumped on board with this idea; barkbox, naturebox, makeup, nail polishrazors, wine, etc… I also subscribe to SockPanda and send super sweet bold socks to my brother who’s attending Penn State… We’re pretty sure his last pair had Jesus on them. And I’ve finally gotten off the waitlist for Ipsy, and received my first pouch – Here’s the comparison:

Both have you sign up & take a personality/beauty quiz so their beauty matchmakers (coughcomputer algorithmscough) can match you with products they think you’ll like.

Birchbox – September Box:

Birchbox - September
Birchbox – September

To be honest, I’ve only tried the Liz Earle face cleanser so far and hooooweee was it NICE.

What I like about Birchbox, is that they send you this handy little card that kind of tells you more about the products you’ll find in the box, as well as the price for the full size item ,you can then go on the website and buy the product directly from them. Each purchase earns you points which can then be used for future purchases! Every now and then you’ll also get a little freebie find, this month it was renewing/moisturizing chapstick – super affordable. Previously I’ve receivied a venus razor and earbud headphones. *side note – review your items on the website, usually they’ll credit you 10 points per review! hooray free stuff!*

IMG_8973[1]I get annoyed sometimes with all the hand lotions and perfume samples, Don’t get me wrong, they’re great for throwing in your purse or gym bag… But if you get one per month, theres no way you can get through the bottle… even if it is tiny!

 Ipsy – September (first box)

Ipsy - September Pouch
Ipsy – September Pouch

Again, Pink shipping packages are a big deal. I immediately noticed the difference in packaging – everything comes in this cute little zipper pouch which can then be re-used later! Talk about multifunctional! I also recieved 3! full sized items! a lipgloss, nail polish (in Redskins burgundy, +extra points), and mascara! 

Although, Ipsy doesn’t send a helpful little card, I’m pretty sure I can figure everything out this month. Also, you can’t buy any of the products through the Ipsy website, it gives you the product website and sometimes a discount coupon.  *again… Review your items on the website for 10 free points!*

September Winner: Ipsy Bag items, however, Birchbox still wins for website functionality. 

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