The Beginning of the End!

You Did it! You started a blog. You’re putting yourself out there! You’re going to be diligent. You’ll post all the time & become part of the blogging universeeee. With endless possibilities… where do you start!?



  • Age: 25
  • Status: Single
  • Family: Middle Child… of 3
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree; Communications, Journalism & PR
  • Career: Sports Sponsorship Marketing
  • Home: Paying minuscule rent for childhood bedroom at parents house
  • Current Obsessions: Flash Tattoo’s & 30 min or less Yoga DVDs

It’s come to the point in my life where I continually contemplate “what’s next”. I’m hoping there are a few out there like me in cyberspace. My plan is to dump my thoughts, feelings, experiences & lessons learned here… mainly to get a better night’s sleep, but we’ll see!

Lessons I’m learning:

  • Living at home isn’t as bad as I thought
  • entry level jobs sometimes last years…..

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